With a growing library of Australian theatre titles, we are pleased to offer all types of live performance, from musical theatre, comedy and drama to raw, independent theatre and world premier productions.

Click on the titles for more information and a direct link to the plays.

CURRENTLY AVAILABLE: Liberty Equality Fraternity by Geoffrey Atherden (Ensemble Theatre Company), Emerald City by David Williamson (Griffin Theatre Company), The Dapto Chaser by Mary Rachel Brown (Griffin Theatre Company), The Wharf Revue: Celebrating 15 Years (Sydney Theatre Company), Away by Michael Gow (Sydney Theatre Company, Malthouse Theatre), This Much is True by Louis Nowra (Red Line Productions), Diving for Pearls by Katherine Thomson (Griffin Theatre Company), The Gospel According to Paul by Jonathan Biggins (Soft Tread), The Wharf Revue: Good Night and Good Luck (Sydney Theatre Company), You’re Not Special by Sam O’Sullivan (Rogue Projects, KXT, bAKEHOUSE), Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare (Queensland Theatre), Norm and Ahmed by Alex Buzo (Australian Theatre Live), Platée by Rameau (Pinchgut Opera), The Pulse (Gravity and Other Myths, Sydney Festival), 宿 (stay) by S. Shakthidharan (Kurinji, SA the Collective, Sydney Festival), Italian Baroque with Circa (Australian Brandenburg Orchestra, Circa, Sydney Festival), Erth’s Prehistoric Picnic (Erth, Sydney Festival), Codgers (Australian Theatre Live)

COMING SOON: Return to the Dirt by Steve Pirie (Queensland Theatre), The Loves of Apollo & Dafne by Cavalli (Pinchgut Opera), Orontea by Cesti (Pinchgut Opera), Orange Thrower by Kirsty Marillier (Griffin Theatre), Golden Blood by Merlynn Tong (Griffin Theatre), The Italians by Danny Ball (25A, Malocchio Productions).

Liberty Equality Fraternity

Ensemble Theatre Company
Written by Geoffrey Atherden

89 mins

Emerald City

Griffin Theatre Company
Written by David Williamson

123 mins

The Dapto Chaser

Apocalypse Theatre and Griffin Independent
Written by Mary Rachel Brown

97 mins

The Wharf Revue – Celebrating 15 Years

Sydney Theatre Company
Written by Jonathan Biggins, Drew Forsythe and Phillip Scott

110 mins


Malthouse Theatre and
Sydney Theatre Company

Written by Michael Gow

115 mins


Windmill Theatre & State Theatre Company South Australia
By Rosemary Myers & Julianne O′Brien

111 mins

This Much Is True

Red Line Productions
Written by Louis Nowra

120 mins

Diving For Pearls

Griffin Theatre
Written by Katherine Thomson

139 mins

The Gospel According to Paul

Malthouse Theatre & Sydney Theatre Company
Written by Michael Gow

115 mins

The Wharf Revue – Good Night and Good Luck

Sydney Theatre Company
Written by Jonathan Biggins, Drew Forsythe and Phillip Scott

99 mins

You’re Not Special

Rogue Projects and

Written by Sam O’Sullivan

64 mins

Taming of the Shrew

Queensland Theatre
Written by by William Shakespeare

161 mins

Norm and Ahmed

Australian Theatre Live
Written by Alex Buzo

44 mins


Pinchgut Opera
Written by Rameau (1745)

142 mins

The Pulse

Sydney Festival & Gravity & Other Myths
Directed by Darcy Grant

75 mins

宿 (stay)

Sydney Festival & Kurinji & SATheCollective
Written by S. Shakthidharan

77 mins

Italian Baroque with Circa

Sydney Festival & Australian Brandenburg Orchestra

100 mins

Erth’s Prehistoric Picnic

Sydney Festival & Erth

39 mins