Over 15 years and 21 shows, they’ve mercilessly mocked all the usual suspects…

We’ve watched Howard Tampa with refugees, Rudd give pennies from Kevin, Gillard refuse to be lectured by “that man”, “that man” scrap the carbon tax, stop the boats and – um – get the budget back into surplus… But no one has been able to outplay, outwit or outlast The Wharf Revue. So, we’re throwing a party and everyone’s invited.

This year, The Wharf Revue will be a parade of past and present indignitaries – a who’s who of 21st century embarrassments, from the politicians to the celebrities – all skewered on the stake of seriously side-splitting satirical silliness and musical mayhem.

Who will make the cut? Who has the numbers in the caucus room? It’s anyone’s guess.


Amanda Bishop, Jonathan Biggins, Drew Forsythe and Phillip Scott

Creative Team

Writers & Creators Jonathan Biggins, Drew Forsythe and Phillip Scott
Photography Brett Boardman

“After 15 years, the Wharf Revue still packs a great punch and in a climate of frequent political shake-ups, may this great Australian Satirical Party only continue!”

Deb Meyer, J WIRE

“What’s so brilliant… is how the material constantly falls between sharp, incisive satire and deliriously cheap gags”


“The Revue is an equal opportunity satire – no political party is left unstoned, nor cultural shibboleth unmauled”

Diana Simmonds, STAGE NOISE

“Forsythe, Jonathan Biggins and writer/musical director Phil Scott are a formidable creative trio. They, and Amanda Bishop, are also very skillful all-round performers who have mastered the split second timing and panache essential for revue. Don’t miss this, the 15th Celebration of their amazing talents.”


“The Revue format has always been a throwback to Australia’s vaudevillian traditions, applying them to the latest happenings on Australia’s political landscape. Drew Forsythe is a riot as Alan ‘James’ Joyce, flawlessly delivering a tricky Joyce-esque monologue all about Qantas’ obstacles. Amanda Bishop as Julia Gillard. That sketch still wins plenty of laughs, not least because of Bishop’s hilarious vocal performance and spot-on Gillard impersonation..”


“Biggins’s impersonation of Peter Costello is unnervingly acute and Bishop has ABC anchor Emma Alberici and columnist/foodie Annabel Crabb to a tee. Tony Abbott as Thernadier (singing Leader of the House) in the night’s extended sketch, Les Liberales, is inspired casting.”