Australian Theatre Live has combined all the resources you need into one easy to use education package. The rental period is 30 days, allowing teachers to create lesson plans appropriate study guides without the rush and hurry. Instead of watching a play and trying to recall moments in class, you can replay sections, pause and discuss as required. We also have links to Study Guides and Q&A’s with key creatives so that students can gain insights into every aspect of the creative process.

ATL is a not-for-profit Arts organisation. Profits are funnelled back into theatre creatives, actors, playwrights and theatre companies. This means that your school is contributing to the longevity and vitality of the theatre industry and helping to inspire and enthral the next generation of Australian theatre artists.

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For further insight into how students and communities can be enriched with theatre education, you can see our regional outreach pilot in Burra, South Australia.