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Away Education

It’s the summer of 1967, and three families head away for a beach holiday. Set against a backdrop of war and social revolution, they find themselves caught up in their own storm of secrets and conflict.

Michael Gow’s classic Australian play explores themes of loss and change, as three mothers deal with their own personal grief and their attempt at letting go. Relationships are pushed to the edge as secrets are exposed and the pressure of social change takes its toll.

Theatrical Co-Producers: Sydney Theatre Company and Malthouse Theatre
Playwright: Michael Gow
Direction: Matthew Lutton
Cast: Marco Chiappi, Julia Davis, Wadih Dona, Glenn Hazeldine, Natasha Herbert, Heather Mitchell, Liam Nunan, Naomi Rukavina
Set & Costume Design: Dale Ferguson
Lighting Design: Paul Jackson
Sound Design: J. David Franzke
Choreography by: Stephanie Lake
Photography by: Pia Johnson
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Emerald City Education

Fading screenwriter Colin is not long in Sydney before he’s seduced by its obsession with success. Teaming up with well-connected hack writer Mike, Colin finds himself in a tug of war between artistic ambition and big bucks. Fame and fortune – not to mention Mike’s criminally hot girlfriend – are up for grabs.
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Cast: Lucy Bell, Mitchell Butel, Jennifer Hagan, Kelly Paterniti, Ben Winspear and Gareth Yuen
Director: Lee Lewis
Designer: Ken Done
Costume Designer and Associate Set Designer: Sophie Fletcher
Lighting Designer: Luiz Pampolha
Composer: Kelly Ryal
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Liberty Education

Written by Geoffrey Atherden (Mother and Son), Liberty Equality Fraternity is a laugh-out-loud parody of our surveillance society, produced by Sydney’s famous Ensemble Theatre.

What Geoffrey does so cleverly is put Australian culture and politics under the microscope – but of course he does this in a very comedic way.
Liberty Equality Fraternity features Geoffrey’s gift for characterisation, and his excellent cast Caroline Brazier (Rake), Andrew Ryan (INXS: Never Tear Us Apart) and Helmut Bakaitis (The Matrix), play it with style and humour.

Geoffrey’s script highlights the fine line between our impulse to share information with the social media world and our right to privacy.

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Theatre Producer: Ensemble Theatre
Playwright: Geoffrey Atherden
Director: Shannon Murphy
Cast: Caroline Brazier, Andrew Ryan and Helmut Bakaitis
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Case Study

For further insight into how students and communities can be enriched with theatre education, you can see our regional outreach pilot in Burra, South Australia.