by Ensemble Theatre Company

Coming to cinemas xx Month 2022
Available on demand xx Month 2022

Written by Geoffrey Atherden

Written by Geoffrey Atherden (Mother and Son), Liberty Equality Fraternity is a laugh-out-loud parody of our surveillance society, produced by Sydney’s famous Ensemble Theatre.

What Geoffrey does so cleverly is put Australian culture and politics under the microscope – but of course he does this in a very comedic way.

Liberty Equality Fraternity features Geoffrey’s gift for characterisation, and his excellent cast Caroline Brazier (Rake), Andrew Ryan (INXS: Never Tear Us Apart) and Helmut Bakaitis (The Matrix), play it with style and humour. 

Geoffrey’s script highlights the fine line between our impulse to share information with the social media world (Facebook, etc), and our right to privacy. It tests our complacency about intelligence gathering, access to personal information and the government’s ‘Right to Know’.