by Windmill Theatre Co and State Theatre Company of South Australia

Coming to cinemas xx Month 2022
Available on demand xx Month 2022

Written by Rosemary Myers and Julianne O’Brien

One of folklore’s great villains in a deliciously wicked spin on a dark and devilish tale from the creators of the SA Theatre and Windmill Theatre production of Pinocchio.

Spinning straw into gold is a party trick that will take you far. It can buy you a big house full of beautiful things, a wardrobe of designer clothes and a life of total luxury. But money, as they say, can’t buy you everything. This is the story of the ultimate price of greed, two people, once best friends, torn apart by desire for the things they cannot have. The exquisitely mercurial Paul Capsis stars as the shape-shifting goblin Rumpelstiltskin whose thirst for vengeance may well bring him undone.